Airport Cake

Airport Cake

I made this cake for my son’s 4th birthday, an Airport Cake.

My son has into planes lately and made our house an airport from all his planes. Different models like a commercial plane, private plane to fighter planes he has them and knows them all too.
His birthday is coming soon so I thought I could make him one. I bought two little planes to decorate the cake, which I had to hide them away from him (he saw them and wants to play with it straight away). Such a cheeky boy!
One thing funny about making this cake or shall I say (I’m being resourceful), is the radio traffic control. I didn’t use all fondant to assemble this part. I used an empty kitchen roll and covered it with white fondant as a tower base. Then I used a plastic bowl covered with blue fondant as a window or the office tower. Lastly, I used a small piece of white fondant and rolled to cover an ice cream cone as a radio control.
But do not worry, the airport tower control is merely for decoration purpose only. Nothing has been eaten from airport control part, all except the cake that was left empty.

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Happy baking 🙂

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