Diablo Cake

Diablo Cake

Diablo Cake. The name sounds a little bit scary to be quite honest. At the time I have no clue what it was. So, I did some research to know and understand what it was, well guess what, it’s an action video game! A playing hack and slash dungeon crawler game series. How did I not know that?
Anyway, this cake has a minimal design as what has been requested, showing only the logo and the theme color. Completely the opposite of how complex the real game is. 
It is a chocolate base cake filled with Milk Chocolate Ganache and Dark Chocolate Ganache for frosting. All chocolate, yum!
I glazed the cake with my Chocolate Ganache sauce (again! who does not love ganache?) which is a thinner base compared to my filling and frosting I used.
Topped if off with some nice bold letters. I use a small amount of yellow fondant and brushed with a tint of gold dust for the final touch.

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Happy baking 🙂

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