How to Bake a Garden Fairy Cake

Fairy Cake

Garden Fairy Cake for my Daughter’s First Birthday

If you have a young daughter like me then the chances are we like to dress them into fairy characters. If you are looking for inspiration for your next birthday cake bake then hopefully this garden fairy cake will help.

The cake itself is a moist chocolate sponge cake. You can read my chocolate cake recipe for a step-by-step guide on how to make it.

I covered the cake with Pettinice white fondant icing which I colored pink using a few drops of electric pink AmeriColor soft gel. Add the coloring a few drops at a time and knead it into the icing. Keep adding more coloring until you reach the exact color you want.

Each pack of Pettinice fondant icing weighs in at 750g and my cake measurement is 21 inches. I used roughly 1 and 3/4 pack of the fondant icing to cover the whole cake. The remaining icing I used for the additional decorations on the cake.

I really liked the way the grass effect turned out, especially with the mushrooms and butterflies around it. I didn’t put too many decorations on the cake as I wanted to keep it “fairy” simple!

Molding and sculpting the fairy fondant icing topper was a little tricky to get right at first. It took me a few goes but I like the way she turned out in the end.

This cake is not very complicated but it looks great and it was a real joy to make. Best of all my daughter loved it

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Happy baking 🙂

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