Race Track Cake

Race Track Theme Cake

Is your child into cars? Why not make them a cake they like! This cake will surely win your child’s, heart.

I baked this Race Track Cake for my colleague, whose son is turning two. His son loves all sort of cars and asks me a favor if I could make him a car theme cake. Of course, I did, I was happy to make him one.

Immediately a race car theme idea popped into my mind without hesitation. I picture out straight away to use number 2 as the race track. Other decorations comes a long the way as I’m making the cake.

This cake is 11 x 11″ size, base with a moist chocolate cake and chocolate fudge for filling.

Since the birthday boy is turning 2, I rolled out my gray fondant into a shape of a number two making it into a race track. Along the sides are some simple pine trees and traffic lights to add more colors to the cake. I also use real cars to add more decors. This will come handy and useful toys to play.

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Happy baking 🙂

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