Under the Sea Cake

Under the Sea Cake

Ideas to make Under the Sea Cake!

Sea’s” the day with this Under the Sea Cake theme!

This cake is full of life and vibrant colors and makes a perfect birthday cake for kids of all ages. It has three layers and is filled and frosted with smooth chocolate buttercream.

Chilling your cake for about an hour or so before covering with fondant is very important. This will help to firm up the cake and will be hard enough to handle the weight of your fondant.

When you are stacking your cakes with few layers, they take a time to harden. In my case, I chill mine overnight or the entire day and work on it at night. Otherwise, the chance of your cake to collapse is very high!

So far, I have not experienced this yet despite Singapore’s humid weather.

Fondant Sea Creatures

I also use the same fondant to create my sea creatures. With a little bit of Tylose Powder and water, it becomes an edible glue and helps stick the fondant together. It also dries fast and leaves clear marks with the easiest preparation time.

To make a sand effect I use few pinches of brown sugar and 5 rounds of digestive biscuits. Crushing them together until they reach fine granules. You can skip the sugar if you like, but I prefer mine with sugar to hold the biscuits together, plus I have a sweet tooth!

I must admit my cake topper here has improved compared to my previous post from my fairy cake topper I did for my daughters garden fairy cake.

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Happy baking 🙂

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