Chocolate Ganache

Step-by-step Guide on How to make a Chocolate Ganache Sauce

Hi bakers, today I will show you a step by step guide for creating the perfect chocolate ganache. If you’re looking for a chocolate ganache filling, head on over to my other recipe to learn how to make a chocolate ganache for cake fillings.

I use chocolate ganache a lot to glaze my cakes and it’s really easy to make, it’s quick and it tastes so yummy too!

This chocolate ganache recipe can be used for a few other things too. It makes a great pancake syrup and goes well as a tasty dip with strawberries. It is also the dipping sauce I use when I make my churros.

Things to Remember When Making a Chocolate Ganache

  • Make sure that all your ingredients are ready and tools are within reach.
  • When cooking the cream, keep a close eye on it because it can burn very quickly.

Okay, let’s begin!


Place your pan on a low flame. Pour in your double cream and bring it to simmer NOT boiling. Stir it occasionally so it does not burn and hardened at the bottom of the pan. Use a food thermometer to check the temperature. You're looking for around 200°F. If you have no food thermometer, you can simply tell the cream is ready when you start to see bubbles popping out the surface. Turn off the flame and remove your pan from the stove.

With your chocolates in a separate bowl, pour your cream over your chocolate chips. Pour in a circular motion to cover the chocolate chips evenly.

Let it rest for 5 minutes then slowly and gently stir the chocolate and cream together until they are incorporated. You can tell when the ingredients are fully incorporated when you do not see anymore white streaks and lumps around the side of the bowl.

Your ganache is done when it is smooth and shiny as shown photo below. Leave it to cool for 30 minutes and you are ready to glaze or dip!


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