Basketball Cake for Baby Shower Party

Basketball Cake - Baby Shower

Basketball Cake – Baby Shower Party

The idea and theme of this Basketball Cake are the Basketball Team of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The team’s main color scheme is maroon and gold which I thought is pretty, to begin with ideas. But because I am making this cake for a baby shower party, a soft touch of colors are ideal. So, I decided to incorporate pastel colors to make it soft and sweet using soft maroon and yellow colors.
I also used pastel blue for the shoes to reveal the gender of the baby! Isn’t it lovely?

Then, I wrapped and laced up the cake with bright and soft yellow baby bottles using my silicone mold. Which by the way, molding these baby bottles was like never-ending, but it was all great fun! 🙂

The cake is a 7 x 7 inches, with my ever so popular chocolate cake recipe and frosted with Chocolate Ganache.

Coming soon on my tutorial page on “How to make a Gum Paste Baby Shoes.” stay tuned!

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Happy baking 🙂

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